I know why Corona happened

Posted By: Anonymous

I know why Corona happened - 03/01/21 10:22 PM

It is a side effect of one's science experiment to find proof for the afterlife. It worked. But it comes with consequences. Corona is only the beginning. There's more strange things will happen now. The world you once knew 2019 is no more.

I can't directly lead you to the information for the afterlife. All I can tell you it was released 2019. You will have to do a bit of research.

This is no joke, you should prepare yourself for a whole new world! Learn to defend yourself at least!
Posted By: LogicalChaos

Re: I know why Corona happened - 18/01/21 9:20 AM

So did the Chinese discover proof of the Afterlife thru Bio-Engineering a virus? If it wasnt the Chinese, who made the virus?
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