Questions requiring answers regarding UFO visitation

I wrote this small paper with one intention in mind, simply to find a way to give my thoughts to others with this paper and work to find the truth, no matter the outcome. There is such a ‘conditioning’ in our society that anything spoken in this area is immediately met with skepticism, extreme in several cases. When I speak of conditioning, we are told what is truth and what is not truth. How many times have we been told a truth just to find out it was a lie the whole time? I am betting you cannot count the times using your hands and toes . So, who is to say that these things don’t exist, should we necessarily believe everything they tell us with the track record? I believe in the scientific method of discovery, the issue I have is that anything spoken about below is immediately ruled out as absurdity by the mainstream scientific communities. I will admit that a lot more have come forward in support of restudying these questions but I find mainstream to be too closed minded to properly perform a true scientific method approach to these questions. Many state “There is no proof” , a common answer but how do they know? Did they read it in a book? Can they fully trust the content of the book with the secrecy surrounding these questions and just trust it as ‘Gospel’? I believe there are many reasons why people are unwilling to accept these possibilities. Whether it is an issue of faith, fear, feeling secure by not knowing, or too busy in their own lives and do not want to care. If you are reading this and do not believe in any of this, please understand that my comments are not meant as any slight toward you but more referencing the idea that we have always been told what to believe and that reality may not be what we have been told. There is even some actual scientific data to back that up in the sense that we may only be able to interact with a portion of what reality is.

My plan is to get these questions answered when I have the resources to do so as I need the truth for real peace of mind and have a level of distrust being simply told it does not exist or this is the way it is. I have a plan in place to try and answer these questions using a different method of investigation utilizing the scientific method for answers. I believe this method may have better results but will take a lot of patience, time, and a lot of resources along with a small team. I have seen at least one metallic orbish object (it was distant against the mountain drop hovering and shot straight up after a few minutes) once in the daytime as a teenager hanging out in the spa with my family in Palm Springs, CA. with seeing a few other odd flying objects in the past as well (Not a lot of people look up, we are too busy usually) but I have always had a feeling or belief in the existence from an extremely early age (I remember being told there was no such thing as early as 4 years old). The one metallic orb was one I am 99% sure was not a modern vehicle and one I feel comfortable making the statement.
The collection of questions are based on myself and reading others’ thoughts and ideas (Yes, some conspiracy theories as well. There can always be a hint or more of truth, you just never know anymore). I make a lot of parenthesis in this paper as a way of clarifying, referencing, or adding a few of my own thoughts to the question. I try to follow the research on a number of people investigating, collecting data till I have resources to join in on the investigation to seek answers. I will list some of the people who I have followed on some of their research at the end of the questions. I am certain I missed important questions but I think these are most definitely a good start. My Background is in Electronic Engineering and Information Technology with a passion for Science and the truth. I ask anyone reading this to please be respectful of all opinions whether you believe something more exists or not.

How many different beings are visiting us? (Whatever it is has an intelligence, Drake Equation question)

If there are other beings, are there any alliance(s) amongst them?

What is their status with other beings?

What do they call themselves?

Who are they as beings generally? Peaceful or not (Alleged abduction cases claim both at times, however, people have obviously returned from the experience. No way to tell how many do not)

Where do they come from? (Outside solar system, portals, dimensions, time travel, etc.) Trying to keep an open mind of all possibilities. As the saying goes, “Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction!”

How long have they visited us?

What truths can be revealed about our history from them?

What kind of lessons can be learned about their history and hardships? How can mankind benefit to not repeat those mistakes and be on the right track for survival? ( I believe anyone intelligent can probably really answer some of these questions, too bad most governments on this planet do not heed that intelligence due to holding onto their power and will use any corruptive means necessary to keep it. Examples: Just read the news: Wars, murder, religious discrimination, racism, government cover-ups, slavery, Nuclear detonation testing, etc.) I believe Global warming to an extent as well although I think the Earth is always changing and could be in a phase where the ice caps would be melting anyway but at a slower rate. I am not a specialist by any means but if you look the Earth’s history, it has gone through ‘phases’ before. So in a sense, both sides of the argument may have some truth to it or something else could be causing it as well.

What are their forward facing intentions? Good or Bad?

Do they have secret agendas? Good or Bad?

What is their sociopolitical alignment? (How do they socially interact and what politics/government type do they use?)

What kind of Economy and/or Currency do they trade in?

Do they have a similar genome to Humans? (Type of DNA structure and is it similar?)

Are they Carbon based?

What are their full technological capabilities? (Obviously a loaded question spanning many other questions)

Why are people being abducted? Why do some never return? Experimentation or Mind Control reported?

Who and what is causing the animal mutilations and why? ( There is verifiable evidence of this occurring and is being done in a very unique way that to my knowledge, has not reproduced including predators not feeding on the carcass at all indicating animals are sensing something off about it)

What are their long term goals?

What governments are involved in the coverup? Was there a split within the project away from Govt eyes? Shadow Government or Organization? Was our government dumb enough to truly ignore it?

Do they work side by side with humanity? Whether through abductees, by humans’ choice, mind control, slavery, government partnership, etc.

Have we just been conditioned to believe what reality is? What kind of Disinformation, Misinformation, Manipulation?

Do Non-Terrestrial beings walk among us posing as humans? (Need to ask the question since there are several conspiracy theories related to this question)

Is there anything behind the RH type in blood related to the beings in question or is it just a mutation?

What is there view of humanity? (Honestly, I cannot imagine it would be that great considering how much greed, corruption, use of destructive capabilities, wars, social unrest, and the general xenophobic and egotistical attitude of the world. I personally believe any group of beings that can harness the level of technology that they seem to would see this as a huge concern as the Human race develops more technology and reaches for the stars.)

Do they enlist or take in humans to join them in their mission?

Have they developed advanced cloning technology to transfer a person’s mind and “soul” into a cloned body? (I think on this as I imagine space travel to be rather hard on the body and may need “replacement” from time to time. I find this to be a valid question simply because we do not know the effects of the type of travel they use and the unknown stresses it could cause to a body. You might say this is one of those “Elixir of Life” kind of questions in a sense.

Are there Psychic Gifts and if so, how can they be unlocked? Again, one of those questions that needs to be asked. Many people have claims of Psychic gifts such as Telepathy, Aural Vision, Clairvoyant (All the Clairs), Mind Reading, Astral projection, Automatic Writing, Channeling, etc. Also reports and cases, including a couple credible looking videos (not certain) showing kinetic type gifts. Gifts claimed have been Telekinetic (Little girl caught on video in mid-air with mother talking to her, got spooked and ran with her mother away from the scene.) Aerokinetic ( man claiming and showing on video of using his mind to control the wind and blow the leaves. Had to admit that no wind was blowing at all before his attempt and it seem to come across as real when he “controlled” it. Uncertain if either are real though)Pyro kinetic, Hydrokinetic, etc.

Is base 10 mathematics really the right way of calculation for scientific future? (There are some thoughts that base 12 mathematics or Duodecimal may hold more keys to answers, how much truth to this? There are less fractional notations in a base 12 and the mathematics are much more fluid. It also falls more in line with time, metrics, etc.)

Here are a few people I have followed in my endeavor for answers

J. Allen Hynek (Project Bluebook)

Jacques Vallee (Computer Scientist, UFO Investigation in France and US)

Robert Bigalow (Previous owner of Skinwalker Ranch, research team work in conjunction with AATIP)

Brandon Fugal (Now owner of Skinwalker Ranch, funding research team to investigate)

Dr. Travis Taylor (Investigator, part of the Skinwalker Team)

Dr. Jim Segala (Investigator, part of the Skinwalker team)

Chris Mellon (Investigator, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Clinton and GWB Admin and Staff Director for US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.)

Lou Elizondo (Former Director for AATIP – Gov’t seems to have a smear campaign against him in 2019 now with claims he never worked for AATIP. Is he being given the same
treatment they did to Bob Lazar in 1989? Seems like something like that is occurring as AATIP was proven to be an actual government program that was declassified along with the videos that were released)

Linda Moulton Howe ( Longtime Investigator and Journalist on UFO’s. Very informative and fact based IMO)

Senator John McCain ( Before he passed away, he was working on declassification of information related to UFO, UAV, USO. Whatever you prefer to call them, they seem to be the same craft with all of those abilities and are one in the same. Look up the declassified information he got released regarding future sciences and suggested areas of development for study, it reads like a science fiction book)

Dr. Hal Puthoff, PHD (DOD Research Scientist and Physicist, Advisor to NASA, Co-Founder of To the Stars Academy TTSA).

Tom Delonge (Chaiman and Interim CEO TTSA, Singer of Blink 182)

Paul Hellyer (Former Minister of Defense of Canada)

Stanton Friedman (Nuclear Physicist, did the early studies into the Roswell incident and Majestic 12.

I am sure I missed a few but are definitely a good place to start if you are interested in learning more on these Unidentified Objects that have been claimed by numerous people not just in modern times but throughout Human history. All I want is to know the truth as a lot of us out there do. I do hope for greater cooperation through the various organizations and hope that organizational differences can be overcome for more information sharing within the community to further this endeavor. Thank you for reading this little paper I considered food for thought and hope to see you out there in the trenches one day, I hope you enjoyed it!
I chose to write this anonymously as I have no interest in fame if this went viral for some reason, the numbers above are just a way of me showing I wrote it if I ever needed to. It is not important, the above questions and the people who are dedicated to answering these questions are for the good of mankind. Keep up the good fight and endure.