I have been a "Ufologist" for over 35 years and was the chief rival of Philip J Klass and today I am, by far, the top Ufolofgist in the world today. This is the THIRD site I have tried this on... SHOCKLING, UFO sites just keep telling me to go away, they don't even want to hear what I have to say! The REAL Ufologist would not be able to believe you people, they were waiting for this moment to come for DECADES. They just wouldn't understand you Brainwashed Generation nutcases! So now is this site's chance... DO YOU WANT TO KNOW THE ANSWERS????????

I am a member of an actual "Royal Family of the Men in Black" for what that really means. My family served the executive branch of the US government for over 70 years and three generations of my family since the end of WWII. We are "Eisenhower's People".

I am also the inventor of the most sophisticated simulation ever conceived by man. Rube: The Fourth Generation of Artificial Time. The closest comparison is "The Matrix", but it has very little similarity to the version in the movie, and I've never been a big fan of the movie. I want to tell you about "The Matrix", but nobody in the world wants to hear about it. For 6 years now. Do you want to hear about how the real "Matrix" actually functions? How time actually functions?

Do you want pretty much ALL of the answers to the questions you've been seeking about everything that this forum was ALLEGEDLY create to find? Because I know almost ALL of those answers. The real, true story of Roswell? Bob Lazar's "Spaceship" and where it is right now? What they actually do at "Area 51"? What do you want to know?

The "Alien Hub" forums DON'T WANT TO KNOW any of these things. They deleted all my posts and banned me for trying to tell them. They DON'T want to know. Do you?

I will tell you all of this, especially about Rube which is what I really want to talk about... ONLY IN FREEDOM! People who are as American as I am will ONLY speak in TOTAL AND COMPLETE FREEDOM! With TOTAL AND COMPLETE FREEDOM OF SPEECH! I AM SELF MODERATING!!!

I will answer all of your questions that I know the answers too, and tell you all about Rube... ONLY on MY TERMS of TOTAL AND COMPLETE FREEDOM and with TOTAL AND COMPLETE FREE SPEECH! There is NOBODY with the FASCIST power and authority to edit, move, change, alter, or delete any of my posts. You DO NOT have ANY "moderator" powers over me.

Those are my terms. I will ONLY speak in FREEDOM with FREE SPEECH. Total and complete!

What is your answer? Do you want to know or not?


Marc Edward "Baby Bond" Michalik, 009

The MIB Ufologist