Yesterday a group of friends, neighbors and associates linked by our social network came together to assemble a thousand square foot high tech high tunnel greenhouse on our farm. None of us had every assembled such a structure before and only had a generic instruction manual to go by and decades of experience to draw from. Ages of the team members ranged from late fifties to late seventies. Among the team members were several that had major disabilities. Working together as a team we offset our age limits and disabilities to assemble 80 percent of the greenhouse in less than 8 hours. A major achievement. This included leveling and squaring the frame, positioning steel alloy support members into position and bolting the entire structure together. Due to inclement weather the structure will be finished next week.

The key take away from this is that disabled and older people can work together to accomplish tasks that would challenge younger fully fit people. By leveraging our experience and working together as a team we got the project done in record time. We stopped for a barbecue lunch and wrapped up the day at 4 pm with most of the work being done.

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