In the summer of 2021 my family is mounting a Christian Evangelical Cultural Support mission to Russia. We will be deploying Senior Family Members to Russia via a Viking River Cruise through European Russia to reestablish contact with Evangelical Christian underground networks we worked with during the Cold War to help bring down the Soviet Empire. I will be supporting this operation via our Multi-Spectrum Global Communications System from the United States. We will be linked via cell phones and digital devices in real time. We will be publishing updates on the mission via social media as the team travels through European Russia and reestablishes contact with old Evangelical Christian and Jewish underground network members from the Cold War.

The team will include former senior Christian intelligence officers who ran Evangelical Christian and Jewish networks throughout the old Soviet Union during the Cold War. It is a multi generation mission that includes members that faced the best the KGB had during the Cold War and who traveled throughout the old Soviet Union during it.

The purpose of this mission is to reactivate the Evangelical Christian and Jewish networks inside Russia during the digital age. We will be running these networks out of Enhanced Social Network Node in Florida via Social Media.

On Board the Ship will be the direct descendants of Lord Talbot the Warlord of William the Conqueror who faced Saint Joan of Arc in Battle at Orleans, and Charlemagne the Great, Holy Roman Emperor of the West. These heritages have been confirmed by DNA test and documents from the Millennium File.

Team members are multi-lingual speak Hebrew, Russian, French, Spanish, English and German. They hold multiple advanced degrees and have been trained in all aspects of intelligence trade craft by the United States, NATO and the MOSAD.

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