In accordance with its advanced design my high tunnel greenhouse is shedding snow that accumulates on it as it reaches a certain thickness and weight. Due to the extremely advanced shape of the greenhouse, the surface friction of its advanced polymer cover and flexing from the wind, snow slides off of it rather than builds up.

I have attached a picture of this advanced passive cold weather technology in action. In the photo you can see where the snow has been shed on the right side of the greenhouse. I apologize for the quality of the image as I took it through one of house's double pain thermal windows on a cold, below freezing, day at 1600 feet above sea level on a mountain in Northern New Hampshire.

This advanced passive cold weather technology is another example of the cutting edge advanced technology we built into our homestead to deal with extreme environmental conditions.

Our house has been fully restored and its internal temperature is 75 Degree F while the outside temperature is 28 Degree F. We are currently burning 2 gallons of oil a day to heat 2700 square feet of space to a average temperature of 75 Degrees F. That burn rate equals 3 pints of oil an hour.

Our farming homestead is a marvel of cutting edge technology. From active to passive technology it is designed to endure the most adverse of events and sustain its occupants while preserving a high quality of life.

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