There are many changes occurring.

I am now finding myself connected to Earth somehow and can hear inquiries. They will be responded the best I can with the capabilities I will find. As our leadership and societies is being reformed we experience slowed down respond. It is to be noted that I no longer act as commanding officer of forces on the surface as I now operate from desk. Either I was transferred, promoted or dismissed, it is not clear as in date of today.

I am not going to keep doors closed and the diamonds will be given back as soon as I find out how to have this request processed by the actual system in control. Magic tricks they say?

As I most informed the public that I have good communication with Terra and Santor but the moon is still missing.

The planet is very positive and looking forward life and peace! We are looking to find a resolution to the situation and find a concession ground to begin with. We know it won't please everyone in our first actions which is not consisting in any form of payment. We actually most likely to form a coalition of good healers to help with radiating in cooperation with local vibrations.

The page is turning so I hope by now you have opened your eyes and listen to your heart.

They call it "The golden age" and it begins today as the sun as created Earth in his temple and placed it turning in my hand. We are now about to leave the age of plastic faces and entering a new age on Earth and it is intended to make it all about peace, love and happiness. The problems on Earth are not much of a worry so please do not let the news bring you down. Everything will be alright!!

I am blacked out from the Stars making it hard to read right now but I got some good wings to let me hear what they trying to hide tongue

I am learning a new language and it is not unexpected!

I am no longer responding as actual leadership of my civilization as a public government have been instored to replace monarchy that will only be sitting on issues of royal matter. So let's hope my lovely people from another world shows us how they really are free of our own system of control based on secretive activities and censorship of one's mind.

It is important that you understand that what was known as "The alien Agenda" is thrown to the garbage and replaced by a brand new agenda that will prescribe a different direction to my ocean. The key word is "Cooperation" from us if we obtain "Collaboration" from you. That mostly did not change. The show is closing now... Time for serious stuff that the future is when we no longer respond to the past.

At this time communication is established in a unclear way but the messages go through.

Many organs are reconsidering their structures or building / building back one for this new age!

Please be patient as we all need a bit more time to follow the current acceleration of final end of a [...] story.

The past week was very intense and I find myself quite drained out with the new weight I carry on my head walking with the crown for the fix before I go lay down for real. I could notice energies are stabilizing and after a cold time we shall find the heat in our Heart to keep it warm and make it hot for the blue moon!!

It is a good time to start waking up smile

Plus qu'hier et moins que demain / More than yesterday and less than tomorrow