Life continues on during the pandemic with some areas and regions being more affected than others. When the pandemic hit our area was unaffected by it. Life with some modifications, social distancing, mask wearing and increased sanitization became the normal. We continued with life following the CDC protocols on our high tech farming homestead largely unaffected by the pandemic. We had safe dinner parties and social gatherings, went shopping as usual and weathered it with no affect on our quality of life. Our experience is not the normal for this pandemic and we are well aware of it. We used all of our life experience to select our retirement homestead location and to build our farm. We built this homestead as a bastion against the effects of the new century of global climate change and pandemics. We equipped the homestead with advanced technology designed to survive adverse events, be they natural or manmade, and prosper despite them.

For those adversely affected by the current pandemic, the first rule of being a first responder is to care for yourself. By building this homestead we built the capability to help less fortunate others in our community and around the globe via the global Christian evangelical decentralized network of missionaries in the event of major adverse events. Something we have done consistently through this pandemic.

I have documented the building of our high tech homestead on this site to illustrate what it takes to help others and the first rule of being a first responder, that being to care for yourself in order to avoid making yourself a victim. This first rule of being a first responder has its roots in the Christian teaching of being a good steward of what your are gifted by God of. Being a good steward means taking care of your holdings to ensure you manage them wisely in good times and bad and have sufficient surplus to do with as God directed us to do. That being caring for the least among us and giving back to God a portion for his works in this world.

Like the first rule of being a first responder, the Christian teaching of being a good steward applies at the individual and manager of resources level. Each of us is born with a body and gifts and it is up to us to be good stewards of those gifts. We find that mainstream Christian principles of morality and doctrinal interpretation of teachings are essential to helping people be good stewards of the gift that God granted them.

Just some thoughts as we are about to host a dinner party for some of the people that helped us with our high tech greenhouse project. We have been good stewards of the resources awarded to us by God and can honor those that helped us with a feast. We are having a double brown sugar glazed spiral cut ham, yams, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and home made bread roles for dinner. Drinks are wine, beer, soda and mineral water. Desert is going to be home made apple fritters with vanilla ice cream and fresh perked coffee.

Just part of living life as both a Christian and as a First Responder.

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